“Everyone should have the best chance to apply for their dream job. Nothing is too complex, or out of reach. It’s all about showcasing why you are the best candidate for the position.” – Annabel

“Your dream job is achievable, if you’re prepared. I’m here to help you achieve your career goals.” – Annabel

Is your resume out of date?

Are you unsure how to tailor your resume to a preferred job?

Are you struggling to get job interviews? 

Our approach to resume production is to work individually with you to understand your key skills, attributes, career history and achievements. This way, we can develop an eye catching resume that will put you in the best position to secure interviews and ultimately a new job.

Pricing guide: includes a personalised consultation on the phone, online or face to face. For face to face consultation please add an additional $66.00

Job seekers with < 5 years experience: Starting at $165.00
Job seekers with 5-10 years experience: Starting at $192.50
Job seekers with > 10 years experience: Starting at $220.00

Please note that these prices are just a starting guide. Fees may change depending on the complexity and length of your resume and the requirements of the job application. All prices will be quoted individually.

All prices include GST

Do you have a current and well structured resume that you are happy with?

Does it just need a quick update to add new skills and/or to tailor to a specific position?

Our resume refresh service will update your resume to showcase your key skills in relation to a preferred position. We will work with you to tailor your resume to ensure that you’re capturing your best assets in correlation with the position.

Pricing guide:
Resume refresh with a phone or online consultation: $88.00
Resume refresh with a face to face consultation: $154.00

Please note that this is an approximate starting price. Prices will be determined on an individual basis depending on the complexity of your resume and the changes that need to be made.

All prices include GST

Are you unsure how to write a tailored cover letter?

Do you find it difficult to know what to include in a cover letter?

Taking the time to include a tailored cover letter in relation to a specific job demonstrates motivation and commitment to the employer. A well crafted cover letter should leave the reader excited and eager to read the rest of your application.

We can develop a professional and tailored cover letter that establishes your suitability and interest in a preferred position.

Pricing guide: $106.70

All prices include GST

1-3 Years $82.50
4-6 Years $77.00
7+ Years $71.50

Are you unsure how to respond to key selection criteria?

Are you unfamiliar with the STAR format?

Many government and public sector positions will require candidates to address key selection criteria to include with their job application. With extensive experience recruiting for the public sector we understand how to write a high quality key selection criteria document.

Following the STAR format we will work with you to develop a structured and high calibre application that is consistent with your resume.

Pricing guide: Includes a personalised consultation over the phone.
1-3 selection criteria: $82.50 per criteria (approx. ½ page response per criteria)
4-6 selection criteria: $77.00 per criteria (approx. ½ page response per criteria)
7+ selection criteria: $71.50 per criteria (approx. ½ page response per criteria).

Please note that it isn’t possible to write high calibre key selection criteria document without your assistance. Please refer to the ‘How we work page’ for details.

All prices include GST

Are you nervous about a scheduled job interview?

Has it been many years since your last job interview?

Are you unsure how to answer behavioural or commonly asked interview questions?

Our individually crafted coaching sessions are designed to help you to feel at ease with the interview process. We will prepare you for an array of likely interview scenarios including behavioural and commonly asked interview questions. We will work with you to ensure that you, not only showcase your true assets, but are also well equipped to ask the employer credible and professional questions about the organisation and the vacant position.

Pricing Guide:
Face-to-face to consultation 2hr: $275.00
Follow up consultation 1 hr: $110.00

Phone or online consultations 1½ -2hrs: $220.00
Follow up phone or online consultation 1hr: $88.00

All prices include GST