Resume Ready

Give yourself the resume you need to get back into your career

We understand how competitive today’s job market is and how challenging it can be to get noticed amongst the crowd. For mums, it can seem even more difficult to feel prepared.
This invaluable toolkit will provide you with a step by step process for developing your resume and your story so you can get back into your career with confidence.

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67 pages, step-by-step instructions, practical activities, handy tips and examples


About the Toolkit

What are recruiters looking for when they read a resume?
FIT! We’ll show you how to write a tailored resume that illustrates your “FIT” and captures exactly what recruiters are looking for in an applicant.
Where to start and what to include in a resume?
Resumes are broken down into five sections. We give you a section by section, step by step guide to resume writing. You’ll come across practical activities, handy tips, and examples to help you build a show stopping resume, that tells your story.
BONUS: How to write and what to include in cover letter
Your cover letter and resume go hand in hand. We tell you how to construct a cover letter that exemplifies your interest, motivation and “FIT” towards a chosen job vacancy. Showcasing, why you are the right candidate for the role!

What People are Saying

When I was on maternity leave, I was told by my employer that I needed to formerly re-apply for my position, due to a restructure. I hadn’t updated my resume in ten years. I didn’t know where to begin! Annabel’s toolkit was invaluable! It was easy to follow and enabled me to confidently write my resume. It felt like Annabel was sitting right next to me, guiding me through the process.

Victoria Gretton
Senior Digital Optimisation Manager at a leading financial institution

I had never written a professional resume. I had been with my previous employer since university and I was extremely nervous about entering the job market. Annabel’s toolkit showed me how to write a resume that captured my skills and ability like no other. In no time at all, I was offered and accepted my current position. I wouldn’t have landed my dream job if it wasn’t for Annabel’s toolkit.

Naomi Manning
Senior Real Estate Officer, Department of Treasury and Finance

About the Author

Annabel is a mum to two young energetic boys. Whilst on maternity leave, she founded Annabel Hall Getting You Work Ready to inspire women to re-enter the workforce with confidence and with the right tools to do so successfully!

With over ten years national and international recruitment experience, working both client side and for leading recruitment agencies, Annabel has successfully recruited at all career levels (from graduate to senior executive) and has helped hundreds of mums return to work.  Her knowledge, experience and extensive expertise has been distilled into this resume writing guide to ensure that you have all the information you need to be Resume Ready!

Resume Ready

A step by step guide to writing your resume for mums

By Annabel Hall

Be prepared. You never know, your dream job might be just around the corner.
Follow this step by step guide and develop your eye-catching resume today.
Turn your career goals into reality!