Throughout my week, I get the pleasure of chatting with many different Mums. Each with their own parenting experiences to share. However, there is an underlying theme that is evident in 99% of the women who are looking to return to work. Confidence! Confidence is the main element that stands between a Mum who would like to return to work and her dream job.

Many women feel that they become disconnected from the workplace when they go on maternity leave or take a career break to care for their family. They become 150% focused on their new world, that their old world becomes a distant memory. Many women start to have self-doubt in their own skills and abilities.

My advice is to believe in yourself! Utilise the skills that you have gained outside of the office – in the office. Look into opportunities to upskill or retrain if required. Keep in touch with your employer whilst on maternity leave so you still feel connected to the workplace and always schedule in some ‘you time’ during the week. For me this is exercise. Exercise naturally gets my endorphins going and makes me feel fabulous!

If you believe in yourself, your dream job is achievable; childcare arrangements can be made, resumes and job applications can easily be constructed and interview preparation and coaching is also readily available.

My whole vision for starting my business was to inspire the many talented, skilled and intelligent women that I connect with to return to work with confidence. Ensuring foremost that they have the correct tools to succeed in today’s market.

I understand how competitive today’s job market is and how challenging it can be to get notice amongst the crowd. For Mum’s it can seem even more difficult. For many, it can be extremely daunting, stressful and a question of where to begin. I’m here to take the stress out of the job application process and to assist you to enter the market with confidence. I pride myself on delivering a personalised service and offer flexible, one-on-one consultations in person, online or over the phone in an environment that suits you.

If you’re thinking about returning to work, do get in touch. I would love to chat to you about where you are at now, where you are headed and what help you might need to achieve your career goals. Let’s work together so you can enter the job market with ease, confidence and success!

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