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Working Mum – Renee Barbour

Flexible working arrangements are sought after by many parents as they juggle the balance between work and home life. Slowly but surely, we are starting to see flexible employment arrangements embraced by different industries. In particular, job share appointments are proving to be highly successful and therefore more accepted and visible in today’s workforce. Especially within female dominant industries such as teaching and nursing....READ ON

Today I had the pleasure of speaking to Renee Barbour. A highly skilled Nurse Unit Manager who is in a job share arrangement....READ ON

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Working Mum – Naomi Waters

Today I’m doing what working mums do best, I’m multi-tasking! I’m in Bentleigh, finally seeing one of my longest friend’s, Naomi Waters (Nay’s) fabulous new home. Having out grown their beloved East Melbourne apartment and inner-city lifestyle, Nay and her family moved to the suburbs in January and couldn’t be happier. Sitting at her kitchen bench, drinking coffee we talk all things babies, second time around pregnancies, toddlers and the return to work juggle!...READ ON

Nay describes herself as an over planner and organiser. Despite being ready to go back to work and having the logistics of her return finely tuned she was still overwhelmed by the experience. Here is her story…...READ ON

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Enter the job market with confidence!

Throughout my week, I get the pleasure of chatting with many different Mums. Each with their own parenting experiences to share. However, there is an underlying theme that is evident in 99% of the women who are looking to return to work. Confidence! Confidence is the main element that stands between a Mum who would like to return to work and her dream job....READ ON

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The Importance of Support Structures

Today my mobile office space is our formal lounge room. I’m sitting on the floor, at the coffee table as my boys play in the family room with their Nan-Nan. I have finally come to the realisation that my baby is no longer two months old. He doesn’t sleep peacefully in his bouncy chair or play contently on his play mat whilst I watch over him and work from the kitchen table. He is 6 months old, he doesn’t stop moving and he is extremely frustrated that he can’t yet chase after his big brother. We call him our wiggly worm. In saying that, it’s absolutely impossible to get any work done when he is awake....READ ON

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Working Mum – Shelley Salzke


Shelley describes life as a working mum as “busy but fulfilling!”...READ ON

Shelley Salzke is a primary teacher and the mother of two beautiful, six-year-old twin girls, Rebecca and Amy. Shelley and I are neighbours but despite living next door to one another, we only met when I commenced maternity leave. Both working women, our weekly schedules were jam packed and unfortunately our paths never crossed until this time. In between travelling back and forth to the hospital to care for my little man (who was born at 33 weeks), Shelley introduced herself over the fence. From this moment, we learnt that we shared an instant common ground, we had both given birth to premature babies. Shelley’s journey was another level deeper than ours, her girls arrived at 27 weeks. When they were born they were the size of your hand. Fighters from the beginning, they beat all the odds and came home after three months. They are Shelley and Jody’s little miracles....READ ON