News, by Annabel Hall,

Working Mum – Belinda Bullas


Today I met with my beautiful friend from mother’s group, Belinda Bullas. It is one of Belinda’s non work days and she has her two children at home with her. It’s a wet Melbourne spring day and Charlie is desperate to go outside. Gorgeous little Evie, is exhausted and is due for a sleep but you would never know. She happily sits and plays with her toys on the play mat before Belinda puts her down for a nap. Belinda and I sit at her kitchen table and exchange our latest motherhood stories. Toilet training (or lack thereof from my end), her son’s recent operation to have grommets put in and his speech progression. Multi-tasking, Belinda sets herself up on the floor and builds Lego towers with Charlie whilst she shares with me her return to work journey. But…. about three quarters of the way through my questions, I started experiencing some very familiar waves of intense back pain! Not wanting to jump to conclusions, I didn’t alarm Belinda and we kept on chatting. The pain became more frequent and painful. I was contracting! Knowing how quickly I came with my first, I didn’t want to take any chances. I left Belinda’s extremely quickly and very excited that it looked promising that things were starting to progress! But… for now, it looks like everything has slowed down again. I therefore have been able to work away this afternoon on Belinda’s story…....READ ON