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Working Mum – Sarah Drew

Today I met with my lovely friend from Mother’s Group, Sarah Drew. Sarah has a heart of gold and is always the one to organise our regular group catch ups....READ ON

Sarah lives with her parent’s and her little boy, Stanley. Sarah decided to return to the family home so she could fulfil her dream of becoming a mother. Today is her day off from work. She and Stanley had spent the morning at a local play centre and he is now exhausted. As we sit at her parent’s kitchen table we can hear Stanley, crying for his mummy from his bedroom as his Granny tries to settle him for his day time sleep. Sarah puts the kettle on, explains that this is all part of his procrastination to fight sleep. Something I know too well! We quickly become engrossed in conversation about the challenges of having a non sleeper still at two and half and motherhood…...READ ON

Here is Sarah’s journey….....READ ON